B-Boying For His Glory Speed-painting Video

This painting has been a wondrous experience for me, because official its my first time using acrylic paint.
The illustration depicts how our talents and skills are not just for us, but for Gods glory as well.
The inspiration to illustrate a B-Boy with angel wings derived from contemplating the artform of dancing, which is a global form of physical communication. A physical form that also communicates on a spiritual plain as well.

As stated above, this painting was an experiment with watercolor and acrylic paints.
The watercolor was used as an under-painting because of its unique transparent properties when mixed with water. Thick acrylic paints were painted on top using layering techniques to build more richer, prevalent values and tones. The following materials were used to create this painting. If you would like to purchase and try them out please click the links below to purchase. In doing so you’ll be supporting this blog as well.
Also check out Lachi Fine Arts blog. She has great tutorials from painting to colored pencils.

The brand I chose to use for Acrylic paints were Daler Rowney 12ml Simply Acrylic Set (Pack of 24) .
I purchase an inexpensive brand to start out with and it worked quite well.

Research led me to use transparent vs opaque watercolor paints. The transparent paints dye the paper opposed to the opaque paints drying on top of the paper. The inexpensive brand Daler Rowney- Daler Simply Watercolour Set 12 x 12ml Tubes were simple enough to use as a base.

A collection of assorted brushes was used in creating the painting. Mainly round brushes for washes and flat brushes for detailing and edge work. The Daler Rowney Simply Assorted Hair Brush Set (25 Pieces) is a set of assorted brush types. These are inexpensive brushes that are good for practice.

All this was painted onCanson 100510930 XL Mix Media Pad, 14″ x 17″ Size, 60 Sheets, Side Wire Bound, 0.7″ Height, 14″ Width, 18″ Length which provided a great painting surface and accepted both mediums well.

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